Nebraska Citizens for Science

What is NCFS?

Nebraska Citizens for Science (formerly the Center for the Advancement of Rational Solutions) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3)civic organization operating under the Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act.

What does NCFS do?

NCFS works to educate the public on the nature and importance of science. In particular, it works to foster public support for science education, scientfic research, and the impartial use of science in the formation of public policy. In pursuit of the reconciliation of various religious viewpoints with the findings of mainstream science, NCFS sponsors the Lincoln Forum on Science and Religion, which meets regularly twice a month at the Bennett-Martin Library for presentations, lectures, and discussions.

NCFS also organizes major public events, in collaboration with other groups and institutions, to educate the public about science issues that bear on public policy.

Who are we?

NCFS is governed by a volunteer board of directors.
In alphabetical order, the board includes:

Jim Bechtel, History and sociology instructor,

Leslie Lane, Biologist,

Clay Farris Naff, Science journalist and nonprofit executive

Edgar Pearlstein, Physicist,

Norman D. Smith, Geologist,

Bryan Schaaf, Interested citizen

Ken Gobber, Interested citizon

Additionally, there are approximately 65 associate members who take part in the Lincoln Forum on Science and Religion, as well as in special programs.