Deborah Owens Fink - Intelligent design promoter

Deborah Owens Fink - Intelligent design promoter

“The decision only applies to Dover, Our students should critically analyze evolution, as they should all scientific theories.”

"we need to be very careful that we don't get into the issue of religion, but yet, at the same time, that we also do not censor ideas that might go against what some elite scientists believe with respect to evolution … explaining the total diversity of life and origins of life."

"We've listened to experts on both sides of this for three years"

“Initially, there was a huge backlash because people were upset that the education community wanted only one viewpoint. I was totally opposed to censoring scientific evidence that calls into question Darwinian orthodoxy.”

“Previously, students did not know about intelligent design or did not feel comfortable discussing it in the classroom; however, now students are actively searching the Internet and other sources to learn more about it.”

Deborah Owens Fink
Professor of marketing, University of Akron and Ohio mouthpiece for the Discovery Institute

She's among the most successful ID advocates in avoiding mention of Christian apologetics.

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"Deborah Owens Fink of Richfield, Ohio, was the board member who first introduced the words "intelligent design" into the proposed standards when they were in the early stages of being written. Her language was weakened significantly as the process continued."
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"Owens Fink started the Ohio ID push by offering a “two model” motion in 2000 — teach both ID and evolutionary theory, the motion said. It was defeated, leading to the involvement of the Disco Institute and ultimately to the weakening of the science standards and the creationist-based model lesson plan."