Is "Evolution" Coming To Public Schools?

Is "Evolution" Coming To Public Schools?
By Angela Williams - First Coast News - 01/03/2008 - original
JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Not heated, but passionate. Dozens of parents, teachers, scientists and religious leaders gave their opinions on whether or not Evolution should be added into public high school education in Florida. The question was also raised as to whether the theory of Creation should be taught beside it.

Parent Kim Kendall says she isn't against the teaching but wants all bases covered.

"We are asking for Evolution to be taught but for it to be taught with its supports and its faults, that's what we're asking," says Kendall.

Science teacher Pam DeMent says teaching other non-scientific theories somewhat undermines teaching in general.

"Its like saying I'm a math teacher and I teach two plus two is four but if you think it's five that's okay with me. And if I'm a history teacher I can teach the date of the Constitution but I don't have to say if you think it is another date that is fine with me," says DeMent.

Still, some disagree.

"My fear is that if we write this into the science curriculum and we forbid the teaching of any other theory that we will have law suits leveled against the teachers and the school," says one priest.

Others still wanting all bases covered but not in the same venue.

"I do think that keeping religion in religion's place and science in science's place it makes both better Christians and both heck of a lot better scientist," says another priest.

State education officials recorded the comments from the meeting and will review them back in Tallahassee. One more meeting is scheduled in Fort Lauderdale.

Kim Kendall tells First Coast News a meeting was originally scheduled in Jacksonville back in November but was cancelled at the last minute without any notice. She also says the meeting was not advertised at length. Kendall along with a group of parents asked for officials to reschedule the meeting so they could have the opportunity to voice their opinions and here the information being presented.

The state school board will vote February 19th. They will decided to accept the new curriculum, make changes or scrap the plan altogether. If the new plan goes into effect it will stay in place for 10 years.

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