Teaching evolution . . .

Teaching evolution . . .
Letter to the editor - Orlando Sentinel - 1/27/2008 - original
To answer Eric Reinhold's three questions raised in his Jan. 22 "My Word," "Evolution a Matter of Belief, Not Fact":

What are evolutionists so scared of? We are scared that teaching creationism as science might confuse people like Reinhold, who does not understand that a scientific theory is a theory reached from following the scientific method (where observations lead to hypotheses) and submitting ideas for peer review in scientific journals. Creationism, which starts with a hypothesis and searches for supporting observations, does not follow the scientific method and has not held up under scientific review. Creationism might be a theory, but evolution is a scientific theory.

Why are evolutionists so close-minded? We do not think that anything other than science should be taught in a science classroom. I call that being topical, not close-minded.

Why can't evolutionists study creationism? Just because, as Reinhold pointed out, creationism was taught in our schools for 175 years doesn't mean it is correct.

Must I remind him that people were once taught the world was flat and the sun revolved around the Earth?

Evolutionists don't study creationism because it belongs in religion classes, not science.