Letter to the editor - Jacksonville Times-Union - 2/18/2009 - original
Waste of time

Why is state Sen. Steve Wise, R-Jacksonville, wasting his time introducing a bill to require teachers who teach evolution to discuss the idea of intelligent design when public schools are facing a serious funding crisis due to the economy?

Shouldn't his focus be on the budget shortfalls that will decimate our public schools and hinder the future of our children? Or the abysmal high school graduation rate?

Instead, his focus is on teaching creationism in schools, which has been proven in court case after court case to be a violation of the separation of church and state.

Both of my children attend public school and I am worried. According to Education Weekly, Florida ranks 41st in school funding and is at the bottom in high school graduation rates.

Recent gains in student performance will be reversed if schools are not a priority and provided adequate funding.

Duval County public schools faces a cut of $170 million. The performance of Florida schools is already low. How can schools survive continued funding cuts?

Throwing money at a problem doesn't solve it, but according to Education Weekly, the states that spend the most on education rank the highest in student performance.

Unfortunately for our children, Wise has chosen to focus his energies on forcing his religious beliefs on students in public schools.



Jacksonville Beach