Current Threats to Science in Nebraska

Attacks on the Teaching of Evolution

* There are several organizations and individuals in Nebraska that actively promote creationism
and attack the teaching of evolution.
* Among the most influential is Family First, whose former communications director is now executive director of the state Republican Party. To see GOP Exec Director Jessica Moenning's "evolution in crisis" editorial essay, click here.
* For more information, see Board Member Les Lane's web page on Creationism in Nebraska.

Attempts to Curtail Biomedical Research

* There are currently three bills introduced in the Nebraska Unicameral whose intent is to outlaw critical medical research because of the sponsors' view that embryos should be treated as persons.

LB 437 Ban on all reproductive and therapeutic somatic cell nuclear transfer

LB 580 Ban on reproductive somatic cell nuclear transfer

LB 750 Adopt the Human Embryonic Research Funding Prohibition Act

* For more details, see Nebraskans for Research Issues page.