Nebraska Citizens for Science - links

Nebraska Citizens for Science - links

New! Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska (AFCON)

Lawrence Krauss - Museum of misinformation

Multimedia @ NCSE - Abbie Smith's blog (Abbie was active in NCFS while she was in Lincoln)

Nebraska Religious Coalition for Science Education, Improving communication

The law of conservation of information - Ed Humes on dumbing down evolution

Teaching science to biblical literalists - Minneapolis billboard

BBC learning - science - AAAS teachers guide to evolution (pdf) - From the Royal Society

EdWatchwatch - Edwatch promotes the right wing agenda in education

Evolution 101 @ KCFS, Science issues in Kansas - Nature ranks science blogs - more

Tiktaalik roseae's home page - The argument over origins - Contra Costa Times

Status of creationism in Nebraska - Big Bang links - Detecting baloney

Explore Evolution exhibit at the State Museum - Science and religion compared

The BZ reaction - spontaneous order and dissipative structures - The true believer

What is a theory? - Definition of species at wikipedia - Macroevolution at wikipedia

National Center for Science Education - Intelligent design on public radio

American Museum of Natural History exhibit - Stem cells, online tutorial

Political challenges to teaching evolution - map

Creation watch (NCSE) - relevant acronyms

Understanding evolution (Berkeley)

Evolution for beginners, Talkorigins - excellent, but a little harder to navigate

Darwinism and Evolution - introductions to a wide range of topics

The Botanical Society of America's statement on evolution - interesting details

John Stear's links, National Academy's resources, Neutral evolution

The Stem Cell Community