Religionist views arenít rational

Religionist views arenít rational
Letter to the Editor - Toledo Blade - Sun, Aug 12, 2007
I question the rationale of religionists who write comments to this forum suggesting that ďunless we are savedĒ we are otherwise condemned by a god whom some, but not all, clergy declare is not vengeful but, rather, a benevolent being who cares for both sinner and the so-called saved.

The question is, what are we being saved from? If, as some religionists say, God is the source of creation, then why does this God not make perfect beings incapable of committing criminal acts? And, as for God condemning millions over the ages to eternal fire, how can one, if rational, consider Him a compassionate deity? Isnít this the most extreme form of punishment imaginable, the act of a deity whose vengeance is 1,000 times worst than the crimes of those whom it finds guilty and condemns to an eternity in hell?

Why, also, should anyone continue to declare that evolution does not exist because God is, according to the religionists, the source of humans, animals, plants, and the universe? In fact, the denial of evolution, is an irrational escape from and avoidance of reality. Creationism is not based on factual evidence; it is based on myths, fables, and illusions that have no factual basis nor relation to the reality in which we exist.

There is not one shred of factual evidence to prove that a god is/was responsible for the creation of human life or this universe. Until proven, creationism is just another fantastic fiction void of substance.

Leland W. Ruble
Orchard Street