Evolution essential
Evolution essential
Dallas Morning News - Letters for Monday - 12/17/2007 - original
Evolution essential

Re: "Teaching of evolution to go under microscope With science director out, sides set to fight over state's curriculum," Thursday news story.

We are deeply concerned by the forced resignation of Chris Comer from the Texas Education Agency.

Ms. Comer was ousted for an e-mail that appeared to endorse evolution, a "subject on which the agency must remain neutral."

Far from remaining neutral, it is the clear duty of the TEA to speak out unequivocally supporting evolution, which is based on a massive body of scientific evidence.

There are many tens of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific research articles showing how evolution works.

In contrast, intelligent design has produced exactly zero publications in scientific journals.

Principles of evolution are at the basis of human genomics, personalized medicine and are applied daily in medicine, agriculture, engineering and pharmaceuticals.

In contrast, anti-evolutionary ideas, like intelligent design, have yet to produce any medical or technological advance.

There can be no neutrality on an issue that is scientifically and legally clear-cut: Evolution should be taught in public schools and not juxtaposed with a religious idea, however politically popular.

The agency should work to bolster evolution education in Texas rather than undermining it.

Dr. Daniel Bolnick, assistant professor of integrative biology, UT-Austin; Dr. David Hillis, professor of integrative biology, UT- Austin; Dr. Sahotra Sarkar, professor of philosophy and integrative biology, UT-Austin